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We've all had that urge; You know you have. Deep within you, the desire to contain something, to have it belong strictly and only to you. Well, here's a given opportunity, and aren't you just the fortunate individual.

anime_claims is a community that allows users to claim the fancy of their desire, be a character, or a coupling. Yes folks, that's right, a coupling. The world is yours for the taking, but sadly, and fore-most, some ground rules:

1.} Under no circumstances are either of the mod's personal journals to be contacted concerning a specific claim; those who violate this rule will be banned from the community and have their claims restricted.

2.} Only one claim per usual, unless otherwise noted. And there will be plenty of opportunities and chances for other claims to be made and received. Be patient.

3.} Be sure to check the claim's list to make sure your beloved isn't already taken.

4.} Claims are to be made in an orderly fashion; The person in question is to state the individual/coupling's name, and anime/game/manga from which they come.

Ex: sharpies posts: "I would like to claim Ed x Roy of Fullmetal Alchemist!"
That is the CORRECT format to use when claiming. Sure, you may throw in a few choice words, and brown-nose a bit we encourage that, but just make sure it contains that vital information. Posts that do not will be ignored.

5.} The claim's list is to be updated every Friday. There isn't a specific time it shall occur, it simply will. Once it has, no further updates will be made until the next Friday. First come, first serve, folks.

6.} Be respectful to other members of the community. As hard as it may be to believe, they do contain an inch of feelings, too honest, I've seen it. Flaming and the like should be kept to a minimal. You can hate me for all it's worth, just keep it quiet.

7.} A claim may be changed twice. After that, you've run out of freebies.

8.} Live a little.

Some may notice that a previous rule was withdrawn; This is an anime claim's community. Apologies are made and such.

Concerning Contests
All contests that occur will be given a three weeks time limit, thus allowing all members interested in participating. Three winners will be determined from each contest, given at least three enter. Contests that have no participants will become void.

Current contest - First 20 members to respond in the community will receive a second claim AT A LATER DATE. Entry must be NUMBERED in the subject.

Friendly, neighborhood mods
Name Muu
LiveJournal sharpies
AIM sasukeTAN
Emew humangrey[@]gmail.com

Name Tia
LiveJournal kuraism
AIM restricted until further notice.
Emew restricted until further notice.

All questions concerning the community and possible claim mix-ups will and may be brought to the attention of either mod through their contacts information.